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For the first time I have a steady source of content with characters who voice my thoughts and questions.

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Choose your preferences, loves, and likes, and we’ll deliver recommendations suited to your taste – not just based on what’s popular or what others have enjoyed.

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Each book, movie, and TV series on Narrative Muse has been chosen by our community of bookworms, movie nerds, and TV lovers – so you know they’re authentic recommendations.

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Let’s change the entertainment industry one book, movie, and TV show at a time! We can do it together by reading books and watching movies and TV shows by/about diverse folks from all around the world.

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Creating an account with Narrative Muse allows you to do two things:

1. Save your preferences, so that Narrative Muse knows what you like and can deliver recommendations to you at the click of a button.
2. Save your recommendations, so that you always have a list of your next “must-read or watch” books, shows, and movies to check out at any time.
Not yet! But we're keen to develop an app in the future.
Narrative Muse is for everyone who wants to discover great books, movies, and TV shows – and anyone who would like their recommendations to be based on what they feel like reading or watching, rather than what’s popular or what they’ve chosen in the past. It’s also a place for people who want to support diverse storytelling and storytellers.
When you’re matched with a book, movie, or TV series, you’ll see a link to a provider where you can stream or purchase that movie, TV series or book. One day we’d love for folks to be able to watch directly on our platform (it’s an achievable dream!) but for now we’re trying our best to link you with content that’s available in most regions of the world.
Yes. You can change your preferences, likes, and dislikes any time. Just click on the Preferences link in the menu and update your choices.
Yes! We have hand-picked titles to recommend from all genres. From romance to sci-fi, from reality TV to horror flicks, and documentaries to animation – and beyond!
Narrative Muse is for EVERYONE who reads books, and watches movies and TV! We’re trying to shake up the entertainment industry by showcasing diverse creators and characters. And if you’re looking for stories that reflect LGBTQIA+ identities and experiences, you’ve also come to the right place.
You might see "CW" or "TW" in the summary of a book, movie, or TV series that’s recommended to you. CW stands for "content warning" and TW stands for "trigger warning." We use these abbreviations to let you know there are scenes or descriptions in the book, movie, or TV series that we want you to be aware of (CW) or that might distress some people (TW).

Note: When you joined Narrative Muse, we also asked you about the kinds of stories, scenes, or descriptions that you DON’T want to see. That means you won’t be matched with books, movies, or TV series that contain CWs or TWs for those kinds of topics or scenes.

 However, you may still be matched with other CWs and TWs. For example, if you told us you don’t want to watch movies with scenes involving harm to children, you won’t be recommended those kinds of stories, but you may still be matched with an action-adventure movie that has TWs for physical violence and war.
Our platform works through a community of passionate people who read or watch every title we recommend. We have a team who runs Narrative Muse (including core staff, our board, editors and writers), and a community of Narrative Muse contributors that’s always growing and encompasses folks from diverse perspectives. 
Our core team takes part in an ongoing JEDI (justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion) programme where we work co-creatively with each other and our wider community to build structures for our company and cultivate the ways we’d like to do things in our spaces. Our ways are often fluid according to the needs and ideas of the people they apply to – and we hope that you, as someone who comes to Narrative Muse to discover great books, movies, and TV shows, will help to build and support our JEDI work. We welcome you to get in touch with us any time, hello@narrativemuse.co.

Can’t find the answer to your question? Contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

About us

Narrative Muse is a community of passionate book, movie and TV lovers determined to transform the media landscape! We elevate stories by and about diverse folk by recommending them for other readers and watchers.

When you sign up to Narrative Muse, you’re doing more than just getting personalized book, movie and TV recommendations. You’re supporting diverse storytellers, telling content producers what you want to read and watch, and helping to create more of the stories you’ve been searching for.

In short, you’re changing the game. 

Join Narrative Muse and be part of the representation revolution. Together, we can bring more diverse storytelling to film, TV, and publishing.
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