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If poetic musings on food, travel, and culture are your jam, we think you’ll love *Small Bodies of Water*.

Small Bodies of Water is a powerful and poetic memoir that’s inspired by the natural world and ponders identity, ethnicity, belonging – and food. The author’s first meaningful connection to water was in Borneo, where her grandfather studied freshwater fish. As travel expanded her horizons, water continued to serve as significant anchors for memory and being, from a pond in northwest London to the extensive Aotearoa New Zealand coast. Powles’s lyrical series of essays explores the way water connects us all, regardless of how we may otherwise be separated. Recommended for our matchmaker by Book Discussion Scheme New Zealand

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Small Bodies of Water

Written by

Nina Mingya Powles


Biography, Short story, Elegant, Humorous, Lighthearted, Profound, Upbeat


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